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A threat to our way of life in Minnesota.

Asian carp have arrived in Minnesota, and they pose a very real hazard to the health of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams. Asian carp represent a triple threat to Minnesota: they outcompete native species and take over entire aquatic ecosystems; they are dangerous to boaters and other water recreation activities; and they have the potential to dramatically impact the $4 billion water recreation economy by affecting tourism, fishing, and waterfront property values.

The Mississippi River provides a critical path for Asian carp to invade lakes and rivers across the state, including the St. Croix and Minnesota Rivers, and prized fishing spots like Lake Mille Lacs. Their advancement this far upstream portends a real threat that they could make a permanent home here, and even advance into the Great Lakes. Read on!

A problem we can solve.

The Minnesota Asian Carp Coalition is advocating a Stop – Slow – Control approach to solve the Asian carp invasion. Stop the Asian carp from advancing further upstream by closing the locks in Minneapolis. Slow them down by installing deterrent barrier technologies and modifying lock operations. Control them by researching, developing, and implementing technologies that safely eradicate the carp. Immediate action must be taken to protect Minnesota’s signature sky blue waters. Read on!

How you can help.

Now is the time to take action to protect Minnesota’s waters and quality of life. We cannot afford to delay finding a solution to this complex problem. There are several steps you can take: sign on to the Minnesota Asian Carp Coalition’s ”Call to Action,” ask your elected officials to support the Mississippi CARP Act Bill, educate yourself and others, stay tuned for more action alerts from the Coalition, and support our member groups with a tax-deductible donation.  If you boat or fish on the river, make sure to avoid using the locks and be on the lookout for Asian carp.   Read on!