Where are they now?

According to the MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR), since 2008 there have been 74 captures of Invasive Asian carp in the Minnesota portion of the Mississippi River, including at the mouth of the St. Croix River. In 2014, there were seven catches total in Minnesota, including two Silver and one Bighead carp in Pool 2 (north of Hastings), with the most northern catch on record near Cottage Grove.

To view the latest list of Invasive Asian carp catches in Minnesota (Jan 1991-Jan 2015), click here.

To view a map of catches in the Mississippi River in both MN and WI, click here.

Calling all Mississippi River boaters

The Stop Carp Coalition is interested in learning more about Mississippi River boaters. Please take 3-5 minutes to fill out this quick survey.

Your voice matters – Speak up now

  • The MN DNR’s Invasive Carp Action Plan is open for public comment through May 8, 2015. This is a statewide plan to combat invasive carp threatening Minnesota rivers and lakes. Public input can be directed to Nick Frohnauer, DNR invasive fish coordinator, at nick.frohnauer@state.mn.us, or 651-259-5670 or Box 25, Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155.
  • The St. Croix River Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Strategic Plan will assess and address AIS threats and impacts to help water managers protect the St. Croix watershed. To learn more, be a part of this work, see the Strategic Plan or get involved, please contact Angelique at the St. Croix River Association at angeliquee@scramail.com or 715-483-3300.