Invasive Asian carp in the media

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After Waterway Closure, Minneapolis Sees An End To River Shipping (MPR News, 6/22/2015)

Readers Write: (June 21): The Mississippi River (Star Tribune, 6/21/2015)

Counterpoint: Please don’t mess with the Mississippi (Star Tribune, 6/18/2015)

INVASIVE SPECIES: Closing of Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock is decisively correct (Star Tribune, 6/14/2015)

How about a wilder river? Imagine this Mississippi (Star Tribune, 6/13/2015)

Minneapolis notches its last barge trip as an era ends (Star Tribune, 6/10/2015)

Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock Closing To Stop Invasive Carp (CBS News, 6/9/2015)

Invasive carp caught farther upstream on St. Croix River (Star Tribune, 6/3/2015)

Invasive carp moving up St. Croix River (Duluth News Tribune, 6/2/2015)

Counterpoint: Research on aquatic invasive species doesn’t happen overnight (Star Tribune, 5/17/2015)

Business look for state help when Mississippi lock closes in June (Kare 11 News, 5/8/2015)

State still fighting aquatic invasive species(Post Bulletin, 5/8/2015)

Mississippi River paddlefish being fitted with transmitters (Star Tribune, 4/29/2015)

WATCH: College rowing team under attack from giant flying carp (Irish Examiner, 4/13/2015)

Corps urged to lock out carp at local dams (Star Tribune, 10/24/2015)

Fighting (Tasty) Invasive Fish With Forks And Knives (NPR, 8/17/2014)

New USGS Videos on Asian Carp Control Tools (, 8/6/2014)

Invasive carp in Mississippi River will get an earful from underwater speakers (Duluth News Tribune, 8/4/2014)

New sonic speaker system to deter Asian carp now being tested in Mississippi River (WTAQ, 8/3/2014)

State says no Asian carp found in Muskingum River (The Columbus Dispatch, 7/26/2014)

Bighead and silver carp discovered in Pool 2 of Mississippi River (MN DNR, 7/18/2014)

Asian Carp Laboratory Opens (Bayshore Broadcasting, 7/13/2014)

Ridding the Mississippi River of Asian Carp (Northern Public Radio, 6/20/2014)

WIU Faculty Investigate Asian Carp Life History, Interactions (Western Illinois University, 6/16/2014)

VIDEO: Jumping fish leap out of water by the dozens (WTNH, 6/13/2014)

Downtown Minneapolis lock closure means portages, but whitewater park still possible (MinnPost, 6/9/14)

Invasive carp project receives funding (LaCrosse Tribune, 6/4/2014)

Anglers encouraged to monitor bait to spot juvenile Asian carp (MI DNR, 5/22/2014)

St. Anthony lock closure is first step to slow down invasive carp (StarTribune, 5/27/2014)

Genetic Analysis Reveals Fish Eggs Found in Upper Mississippi River are not Asian Carp (U.S. Geological Survey, 5/22/2014)

U.S. House passes St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam closure bill (StarTribune, 5/20/2014)

Specialty in Asian carp brings scientist unexpected fame (Missourian, 5/19/2014)

Outdoors: Asian carp die-off blamed on high oxygen (The Courier Journal, 5/17/2014)

Invasive carp project funded as UMN changes directors (Pioneer Press, 5/16/2014)

Invasive carp: Agreement to close St. Anthony lock (Pioneer Press, 5/16/2014)

Crews to resume work on Coon Rapids Dam (StarTribune, 4/29/2014)

Invasive carp: U prof has plan, needs money – NOW (Pioneer Press, 4/23/2014)

Bighead carp DNA found in Muskingum River (The Columbus Dispatch, 4/19/2014)

Fisheries and Oceans working on measures to prevent Great Lakes Asian carp invasion (The Manitoulin Expositor, 4/17/2014)

‘Last best chance to stop the Asian carp’ (Mesabi Daily News, 4/12/2014)

Mapping the Spread of Bighead and Silver Carp (The Nature Conservancy, 3/26/2014)

March 20: Klobuchar, Franken prod Army Corps to move faster to halt spread of Asian carp (StarTribune, 3/20/2014)

Great Lakes senators push Army Corps of Engineers to stop Asian carp spread (Detroit Free Press, 3/18/2014)

Clark Boyd: You can help save the Great Lakes by sinking your teeth into this carp burger (PRI, 3/12/2014)

Steve Karnowski: Asian carp eggs near Lynxville, 250 miles from earlier reproduction (LaCrosse Tribune, 3/12/2014)

Cindy Kolar & Marisa Lubeck: Asian Carp Eggs Found Near Lynxville, Wisc. (USGS, 3/11/2014)

Vanessa Nyarko: Dated lab calls for renewal (Minnesota Daily, 3/11/2014)

John Flesher: Protecting Great Lakes from Asian carp could cost billions: report (CTV News Toronto, 1/7/2014)

Prairie Research Institute: Research shows arsenic, mercury, and selenium in Asian carp not a health concern to most (, 1/28/2014)

Dan Egan: Report: Fish swim past electric barrier meant to block Asian carp (Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee, WI, 12/23/2013)

Acknowtheflow: Improving the Rum River dam as a barrier to Asian Carp (knowtheflow, 11/22/2013)

Dennis Anderson: Close locks now, before Asian carp infestation grows (Star Tribune, 8/7/2013)

Paul Olson: Leaping Fish? Why Asian carp must be stopped (StarTribune, 7/31/2013)

Keith Ellison: Congress must close St. Anthony Falls lock (Star Tribune, 7/30/2013)

Asian Carp still a problem in Illinois waterways (Chicago Tribune, 7/28/2013)

Rep. Paulsen applauds step forward in combating Asian Carp threat (ECM Publications, 7/25/2013)

Obama administration’s $50M Asian carp plan doesn’t separate waterways (Detroit Free Press, 7/24/2013)

Big or Small, Asian carp mean trouble for South Dakota Waters (Rapid City Journal, 7/18/2013)

Asian carp may do more harm than previously thought (Detroit News, 6/18/2013)

Can China cure the carp crisis? (Great Lakes Echo, 6/12/2013)

Keep water free of awful Asian carp (Grand Haven Tribune, 6/10/2013)

Quinn’s shift on Asian carp may signal massive changes in Chicago (Chicago Business Journal, 6/10/2013)

Debate on fighting Asian carp reignited at Great Lakes summit (Detroit News, 6/2/2013)

Non-native species invade Lake Erie (Buffalo News, 5/26/2013)

New York town wants to use Asian carp to fight other invasive species (OutdoorHub, 5/24/2013)

Klobuchar amendment to close St. Anthony lock passes Senate (Star Tribune, 5/16/2013)

Fight to stop spread of Asian carp goes high tech (Bemidji Pioneer, 5/16/2013)

Slippery surveillance: DNR research aims to halt invasive Asian carp (Pioneer Press, 5/15/2013)

Michigan congressmen want hearing, action on Asian carp to protect Great Lakes (Detroit Free Press, 5/14/2013)

W.Va. takes aim at Asian carp, invasive species (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/12/2013)

Monitoring for Asian carp to increase in Illinois (Wall Street Journal, 5/9/2013)

Brown amendment would fight spread of Asian carp (Columbus Dispatch, 5/8/2013)

Senate votes for an amendment to fight the spread of Asian carp (The Hill, 5/8/2013)

Asian carp caught in Grand River, raising concerns over ecosystem’s future (CTV News, 5/6/2013)

Study indicates Asian carp may already be in Great Lakes (Great Lakes Echo, 5/6/2013)

EarthTalk: Asian carp taking over Mississippi River system (Arizona Daily Sun, 5/5/2013)

Asian carp caught in Grand River near Lake Erie (CBC News, 5/3/2013)

Invasive Asian carp caught in Canada near Lake Erie (UPI, 5/3/2013)

Businesses hurt by Asian carp looking to profit (WPSD, 5/3/2013)

Asian carp serve as visible icon for invasive species (State Journal-Register, 5/2/2013)

What can we do to stop the Asian carp? (Daily Republic, 5/1/2013)

Members of Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee release Asian carp in North America distribution maps (Montevideo News, 4/26/13)

New online maps show distribution of Asian carp in U.S. (NWI, 4/26/13)

Guest commentary: Fish eDNA suggests Asian carp closing in on Great Lakes (Bridge Michigan, 4/25/13)

Threat of aquatic invasives brings greater enforcement, awareness (Daily Globe, 4/24/13)

Klobuchar pushes to improve environmental testing methods to help fight spread of Asian Carp (Hometown Source, 4/22/13)

Another menace in local waters? (Houma Today, 4/22/13)

As water rises, so do fears Asian carp will escape Des Plaines River (Michigan Radio, 4/18/13)

Flood Could Push Carp Into Lake Michigan (Outside Magazine, 4/18/13)

Asian carp could threaten La. fishery (Houma Today, 4/17/13)

Asian carp would exacerbate tourism woes (Green Bay Press Gazette, 4/13/13)

Asian carp might have entered lakes, but so what? (WBEZ, 4/11/13)

New study finds Asian carp DNA in Chicago waterways (WBEZ, 4/5/13)

Asian carp in Minnesota? If you net one, yes. But DNA won’t tell (Pioneer Press, 4/4/13)

Study finds Asian carp numbers low in Minnesota (Wall Street Journal, 4/4/13)

Report: Some Asian carp likely in Great Lakes, but there’s time to stop them from spreading (Fox, 4/4/13)

Asian carp DNA not widespread in the Great Lakes (, 4/4/13)

No Asian carp DNA found in Mississippi, St. Croix rivers in Minnesota (Pioneer Press, 4/4/13)

Few if any Asian carp in St. Croix, Mississippi rivers (Minnesota Public Radio, 4/4/13)

Report: Asian carp may have reached Great Lakes (, 4/4/13)

Asian carp invasion reaches Great Lakes (Mother Nature Network, 4/4/13)

Coon Rapids dam project aims to keep the Asian carp out (Star Tribune, 3/31/13)

‘Carp Madness’ Invades Western Kentucky (NPR, 3/30/13)

Iowa launches new weapon to fight invaders (THonline, 3/29/13)

Asian Carp in Great Lakes Can Destroy $US 7 Billion Sport-Fishing Industry (French Tribune, 3/28/13)

DNR Searching For Asian Carp Near The Twin Cities (CBS Minnesota, 3/27/13)

Asian carp proving to be adaptable, resilient foe (Toledo Blade, 3/26/13)

Panel OKs Gillbrand measure on Asian carp lake invasion (Buffalo News, 3/20/13)

Asian Carp Spawning Areas are More Varied than Previously Thought (Huffington Post, 3/19/13)

Fight against Asian carp still targeting the Chicago River (Medill Reports, 3/13/13)

Study: Asian carp unlikely to stow away in barges (StarTribune, 2/28/2013)

Electric Asian carp barrier clears Minnesota legislative committee (Wadena Pioneer Journal, 2/28/2013)

Asian carp DNA found around the Great Lakes, but the invasive fish have yet to be captured (, 2/26/2013)

Search for Asian carp continues on Mississippi River (Kare11, 2/22/2013)

Army Corps of Engineers, other federal agencies release Asian carp environmental DNA study findings (US Army Corps of Engineers, 2/20/2013)

Study: Asian carp DNA may not signal live fish (ABC News, 2/20/2013)

Asian carp threaten both boaters and ecosystems (CBSLocal, 2/20/2013)

Asian carp netted by commercial fisherman near Winona (Kare11, 2/20/2013)

Keeping Asian carp out of Minnesota’s waterways (KSTP, 2/20/2013)

State leaders attending summit on Asian carp (CBSLocal, 2/20/2013)

Governor, state lawmakers attend Asian carp summit (Northland News Center, 2/20/2013)

No easy solutions as Asian carp close in (Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services, 2/15/2013)

Rock Run full of Asian carp (The Daily-Journal, 2/8/2013)

Stopping the threat of Asian carp (Fayette Advocate, 1/29/2013)

McCollum bill to fight Asian carp reintroduced (Patch, 1/25/2013)

Brown wants to prevent invasion of Asian carp (Star Beacon, 1/24/2013)

Sen. Brown plans to fight invasion of Asian carp (Mansfield News Journal, 1/23/2013)

Underwater CO2 shows potential as barrier to Asian carp (Science Codex, 1/23/2013)

‘Judas’ fish could help wipe out Asian carp (Phys Org, 1/18/2013)

A new tool targeting Asian carp? (CBS Minnesota, 1/16/2013)

Asian carp barrier: ‘Disco,’ electric or lock-out? (Duluth News Tribune, 1/16/2013)

Researchers aim to take Asian carp from Wabash (Boiler Station, 1/12/2013)

DNR cheating taxpayers on keeping out Asian carp (Star Tribune, 1/11/2013)

Bubbles, lights, and sound could block Asian carp (video) (USA Today, 1/8/2013)

DNR launches attack on Asian carp invasion with bubbles (Brainerd Dispatch, 1/6/2013)

Barrier of bubbles, light and sound recommended to deter Asian carp (Minnesota Public Radio, 1/4/2013)

Report: Sound, bubbles, lights best barrier for Asian carp in Minneapolis (Fox9, 1/3/2013)

DNR recommends Asian carp barrier at Minneapolis (CBS Minnesota, 1/3/2013)

Lab gets upgrade help to fight Asian carp (Minnesota Public Radio, 12/24/2012)

Franken backs new plan to prevent spread of Asian carp (KDAL, 11/29/2012)

U.S. Senate takes measures to battle Asian carp invasion (Plain Dealer, 11/29/2012)

MP keen to block Asian carp (Sarnia Observer, 11/12/2012)

Eradicating Asian carp from Illinois rivers (TriStates Radio, 11/13/2012)

Asian carp threaten MN River (Fox12, 11/16/2012)

Asian carp invasion reaches Louisville (WAVE3, 11/12/2012)

Public forum on destructive Asian carp sparks policy ideas (Global News, 11/9/2012)

South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks closes waters to prevent spread of Asian carp (KSFY, 11/9/2012)

Project H2O: Water projects abound in Minnesota (Kare11, 11/1/2012)

Work continues on “fish fence” to keep Asian Carp out of Iowa Great Lakes (KTIV, 11/2/2012)

“River Monster” threatening Ohio Waters (WDTN, 10/29/2012)

Minnesota report details dangers of Asian carp (Trade Only Today, 6/12/2012)

DNR adds lakes, rivers to list of Asian carp-infested waters (Pioneer Press, 6/8/2012)

Large numbers of Asian carp netted in Iowa lake (Star Tribune, 4/6/2012)

Time to Draw the Line on Asian Carp (Mankato Free Press, 4/2/2012)

Minnesota  vs. Asian carp (Star Tribune, 4/2/2012)

Klobuchar, Franken, Ellison, Paulsen, Walz introduce Asian Carp legislation (Hometown Source, 3/7/2012)

Watch your heads, Minnesota boaters: Asian carp have arrived (City Pages, 3/6/2012)

Asian carp caught in Mississippi River near Winona (Minnesota Public Radio, 3/5/2012)

The One That Got Away (Minnesota Monthly, 3/1/2012)

Close the lock campaign kicks off (Star Tribune, 12/14/2011)

Strategy to fight Asian carp outlined during meeting (Star Tribune, 9/12/2011)

Gov. Dayton looks for support in fight against carp invasion (Minnesota Public Radio, 9/12/2011)

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